November, 2014

How Do Users Use Their Smartphones

What do people use their smarthphones for

The fact cannot be denied that we have become so much addicted to our cell phones that we cannot imagine ourselves without phones. What made us addicted to those small handheld electronic devices? There could be numerous reasons for this increasing number of cell phone users, low-priced smartphones or easy access to internet services, for example. …Read full infographic story

July, 2014

Use Electronic Cigarettes To Stop Smoking?


Many anti-ecig activists are arguing that electronic cigarettes are acting as a ‘gateway’ to tobacco smoking. However, current research suggests that e-cigarettes are in fact acting as an exit from smoking, not to.

Results from research carried out by Action on Smoking and Health, Smoking in England and Nicotine Policy are illustrated in this infographic and highlights that the vast majority of e-cigarette users are either current or previous tobacco smokers and only a very small percentage (0.1%) of users were not tobacco smokers previously.
The infographic also covers the reasons people smoke e-cigs as well as their effectiveness against nicotine replacement therapy (which is almost twice as much!).
…Read full infographic story

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